Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to the Future Health Trends Blog

Our health environment is changing as information becomes more available about diseases, treatments and the effects of our own body's characteristics on the effects of both.  There is so much information out there, in fact, that we can get bogged down answering even the simplest of questions when we turn to the internet, the TV or media.  The problem with the ubiquity of information is that not all information is relevant to each one of us, and the trick is to understand what is meaningful in our own context, and what is not.
Science and technology has been quite reductionist for a while. For several centuries in fact.  Now, however, we are recognizing that the power of science and technology can only be increased by integrating with the arts and the humanities. It is at the intersections of art and science that true discoveries are often made. This blog is intended to explore the future of health and medicine from the perspective that integrative approaches to health and wellness are better than linear, discipline based approaches.  We will also report on key developments that stand to improve access and effectiveness of diagnostics and treatments based on the understanding of individual physiological, psychological and socioeconomic characteristics.
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