Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mac Magicians

Not exactly the future of health, but it could be.  Who knows when the fingerprint pulse-ox widget will become available and allow us to check our oxygen saturation on our iphone?

They have done it again. The Mac Air was unveiled yesterday and I want one. It is geared for light, wireless working anywhere and everywhere. While not exactly sorcery, it may as well be to me. I don't know what goes on under the keyboard and contrary to my husband who builds his own computers and scoffs at Macs, I don't care. All I know is, I want a light, portable, durable, connected machine and the Air looks like it is it. At almost 2K I'll have to wait though. As if revealing the Air was not enough, I also discovered the latest iphone update today. It lets me customize my home screen among other things, as well as pin my home address to my maps for ready directions anywhere I want to go. The iphone is remarkable. I don't know how anyone will catch up. Then there is the iTunes latest that allows movie rentals for 30 days after which they miraculously disappear to free up hard drive space and make way for the next batch. I love it all. To me it's sorcery and science in perfect synergy
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