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I am a BioPharma strategist who likes to write and a Brit living in Connecticut after moving to the States in '89 for a post-doc fellowship at Wash U Med School in St Louis. I am a 20 year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry where I hung about in the white spaces between drug discovery, drug safety, and drug development.  I led a variety of initiatives over the years in knowledge management, communications, strategy, future scenario development, and technology (IT and scientific). I see connections and possibilities and love to create Socratic spaces for dialogue.  My main work involves developing strategies to translate scientific and technological knowledge into human benefit and I work with many people and companies to this end.

I like to find ways to help businesses improve their outcomes and find ways for them to ask the right questions and leverage their knowledge and connections to solve their problems.  In the BioPharm industry this often includes refining the questions asked along the R&D process to reduce attrition and shorten timelines.

Currently I work both independently and with a number of partners including BioPractices, Open Innovators, Raymond Stevenson Healthcare Communications and Advanced Equine Research Institute.  My clients have included sanofi, GE Healthcare, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, the Woodrow Wilson Center, the Pew Trust and Selventa.

Contact me for further information at spiral5@mac.com or srtorr@gmail.com