Thursday, December 17, 2009

The sad state of health insurance in the US

Today a report announced that about 20% of Americans went without health insurance for some or all of last year. By contrast, in almost every other developed nation in the world, 0% went without health insurance in the same time period.
The report suggests, not surprisingly, that lack of insurance was more common amongst the unemployed. I have found myself in this situation recently, having lost a job unexpectedly and being unable to afford the premiums for a private plan once my corporate benefits ended. Most plans cost in excess of $1000 per month for a family of 4, and still have deductibles that run into the thousands. For those without regular income, this is laughable, and insurance of any kind only becomes more thinkable if one's family income is at poverty levels so you can at least get the kids signed up with Husky. Husky appears to be a comprehensive and admirable way to spend our tax dollars. Almost 40%of our children are covered with a Husky plan according to today's report with only 8% left without insurance at all. Personally, I had no idea so many children were taking advantage of government health insurance. I find it reassuring that the program is there.
For parents, life without a job is difficult. Life without health insurance, is terrifying. That's why we need health reform. Bring it on.
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