Friday, February 8, 2008

Some predictions...

  • Targeted medicines for all diseases. Few side effects, few efficacy failures--we get it right first time!
  • We understand how to help the body help itself. We fight off disease and destruction every day without realizing it. In the future we will know how we do it and be able to coax our body to heal itself at will
  • The era of over dosing on prescriptions drugs is coming to an end. We are beginning to know too much to be fooled by simplistic treatment regimes that pile on one med after another. Holistic, gentler approaches will come into vogue in the next 10 years. In the meantime, there will be a public backlash against high priced medicines that we are told we must take. Anti-infectives will be the exception, and the most lucrative area in the near future for pharma and biotech
  • Big Pharma is definitely dying. The model cannot withstand the shift to targeted medicines and increased generic use. As we understand our disease states better, we will be better able to create personal medicine approaches using old and/or new meds. There will be less demand for sexy new meds that cost millions. No more big houses for pharma execs and fancy off-site meetings in the sun...:(
  • Biologics will be seen as a flash in the pan. A red herring. This is a wild suggestion, but it's an intuition. Biologics are fraught with problems and horrendously difficult to make. We thought we understood proteins once before when we were into macromolecules... The future is somewhere else
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